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Ancestors of Lillian HODGES

Seventh Generation

64. Charles HODGES was born in 1722 in South Barrow, Somrset, England. He was buried on 24 Mar 1748. He married Elizabeth MORRIS on 17 Jun 1745 in Yeavilton Somerset England.

65. Elizabeth MORRIS was born in 1724 in Weston Bamfield, Somerset, England.


66. Thomas R. JONES was born about 1717 in Nettle Combe,Somerset,England. He married Ann.

67. Ann was born about 1717.


68. William RAYMOND was christened on 6 Dec 1728 in Queen Camel,Somerset,England. He was buried on 28 Jan 1802. He married Martha CASE on 29 Dec 1748. [Parents]

69. Martha CASE was born about 1727 in Queen Camel,Somerset,England. She was buried on 5 Jul 1806 in Queen Camel,Somerset.


74. John Jr TRIMBY was born in 1715 in Stourton,Wiltshire,England. He was buried on 29 Jul 1770 in Stourton,Wiltshire,England. He married Ann about 1740. [Parents]

75. Ann was born about 1717 in Stourton,Wiltshire,England.


80. Richard WESTON 1 was born in 1679 in <Somerton, Somerset, , England>. He married Mary EVIL on 26 Nov 1704 in Somerton, Somerset, , England.

81. Mary EVIL 1 was born in 1682 in <Somerton, Somerset, , England>.


82. Benjamin ROBERTS 1 was born in 1708 in Of Stone Easton, Somerset, England. He married Priscilla about 1733 in Of Stone Easton, Somerset, England.

83. Priscilla 1 was born about 1712 in <Of Stone Easton, Somerset, England>.


96. Joseph EARLEY Sr. was born about 1738 in Eling,Hampshire,England. He died on 21 Aug 1822. He married Susanna. [Parents]

97. Susanna was born about 1740. She was buried on 10 Oct 1849 in Brockenhurst,Hampshire,England.


100. Jonathan STRIDE Sr. was born about 1738 in Minestead,Hampshire,England. He died in Nov 1770 in Boldre,Hampshire,England. He married Martha MOSES on 11 Jul 1756 in Boldre,Hampshire,England. [Parents]


101. Martha MOSES was born about 1739. She died in Boldre,Hampshire,England. She was buried on 30 Jan 1759.


102. Phillip PAINTER II was born in Boldre,Hampshire,England. He was christened on 1 Apr 1723 in Boldre Hampshire England. He was buried on 26 Jan 1763 in Boldre Hampshire England. He married Sarah A LANGTREE on 18 Jul 1749 in Boldre Hampshire England. [Parents]

103. Sarah A LANGTREE was born about 1722/1723. She died on 14 Nov 1751 in Boldre Hampshire England. She was buried on 14 Nov 1751 in Boldre Hampshire England. [Parents]


104. Hugh BURTON.Hugh married Mrs..

105. Mrs..


106. Robert YATES was born about 1713 in Brockenhurst,Hampshire,England. He married Mary STRAID. [Parents]

107. Mary STRAID was born about 1717 in Brockenhurst,Hampshire,England. [Parents]


112. William BUSBY was born on 5 May 1748 in Millbrook,Bedfordshire,England. He was christened on 22 May 1748 in Millbrook,Bedfordshire,England. He married Mary ROBERTS on 27 Dec 1770 in Millbrook,Bedfordshire,England. [Parents]

113. Mary ROBERTS was christened on 26 Dec 1747 in Ampthill,Bedfordshire,England. She was buried on 2 Nov 1799 in Old Weston,Hunts,England. [Parents]


114. Benjamin ANGEL was born in Feb 1750 in St. Noetz,Hunts,England. He married Mrs. Benjamin ANGEL UNKNOWN about 1768 in Huntington,Hunts,England.

115. Mrs. Benjamin ANGEL UNKNOWN was born about 1754 in St. Noetz,Hunts,England. She died about 1820.


116. unknown CHAPMAN was born about 1740 in ,Hunts,England. He married Mrs. CHAPMAN UNKNOWN about 1760 in Steeple Gidden,Hunts,England.

117. Mrs. CHAPMAN UNKNOWN was born about 1740.


120. unknown MEADOWS was born about 1732. He married Mrs. MEADOWS UNKNOWN about 1750.

121. Mrs. MEADOWS UNKNOWN was born about 1736.


124. Thomas Foster WOODWARD was born about 1745 in Buckden,Hunts,England. He married Katherine UNKNOWN about 1760 in Buckden,Hunts,England.

125. Katherine UNKNOWN was born about 1745.


126. unknown GRAY was born about 1744. He married Mrs. GRAY UNKNOWN about 1765 in Buckden,Hunts,England.

127. Mrs. GRAY UNKNOWN was born about 1748.


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